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Codeless Consultant

NoCode Solutions Engineer since 2021

Who is the Codeless Consultant

Jared Gibb has been working with individuals and organizations for over 3 years assisting with a wide range of tasks. You will not be contracting with an agency and your entire team will be one person, often much easier. He has a passion for backend architecture, front end development, and all forms of #noCode or visual development.

Most recently we partnered with Xano to bring real power to your apps. There's nothing worse than building your unicorn that can't fly off the ground.

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Our Services

We Provide A-Z Cloud, Web, and Mobile Solutions

Database & Backend Migration

If you are pushing the limits of what your app can do currently, let's dicuss scalable and affordable alternative solutions that work for your situation. 

Custom Code

Hitting limits of a builder is no fun. Learn how you can improve your app or websites user interface and experience by extending the current app with some custom code. 


Many junior developers and business owners only need a helping hand to get over the tall hurdles while successfully completing the rest of the job. We can satisfy that need.

App Publishing

Publishing an app is a journey of it's own and involves more than just putting your app in the store. Together we will devise a launch plan that fits your budget and your needs.

Build For You

We will take you from idea, through design, and deliver you a finished product. The turnaround can range from days to months depending on the complexity of the project. 


Often a project founder will have third party software or APIs they need integrate. These supercharge your app beyond its current capabilities and help get the job done.

From small to big jobs. We've got it Covered

From one-off additions/modificatoins in your app to planning and building your entire project out from scratch, we are here for your needs.

Codeless Consultant has a wide range of experience on jobs of all sizes and will ensure your final quote matches the scope and complexity of the task at hand. 

Agency Sized Jobs

While these tasks take more planning to execute well, Codeless Consultant will take you from a-z to ensure nothing is forgotten!

Small Private Jobs

Just need a quick fix or a plugin integration? Perhaps you only need assistance with 1 screen or function of your app. We're here for that!

Why Choose Us?

Codeless Consultant emphasizes quality over quantity. While we could skip the important details and finish your task as fast as possible, instead we will take the time and attention each project needs to ensure it runs well now and can scale into the future. 

  • We Inspect & Analyze the Problem

  • We Offer Options on Every Job

  • Revisioins and Ongoing Support Included

Our Approach

No matter the task at hand, the approach is almost always the same. We will meet to discuss scope and agree upon services to render and a timeframe. Ongoing communcation will occur until the task is complete. Once you review and approave, final payment should occur. 

We meet to identify the scope of the task. What is included and what's not.

We create and review your custom solution. If you agree, we will get to work and build things out for you. 

You review the work for approval while we provide you in-scope revisions and ongoign support as needed.

Available Retainer Packages

Often having a developer on standby for whatever issue arrives is better than having everything planned out beforehand. Let us help you with all and any aspect of your project! Book us now, use us as needed! 


Create screens directly in method or ad your images from sketch or figma.


/ per hour

Most Popular

5+ Hours 

Create screens directly in method or ad your images from sketch or figma.


/ per hour

Got a quick inquiry?

Let us turn your problem into a solution!

We take our customers’ solution needs seriously, tending to their needs with the utmost integrity and professionalism. 

  • Free & Honest Estimates

  • Clear Communication & Quality Work

  • Serving needs to Clients for 3+ years

Prefer meeting face to face?

What our Clients say about Us

  • "When I need some custom integrations for bubble, I have Jared on speed dial. He possess the 3 main qualities I look for when working with freelancers, that is, outstanding technical ability, an insatiable desire to problem solve as well as bucket loads of enthusiasm."

    Gregory John

    Co-Founder of BuildCamp -

    Gregory John
  • “Jared is been a dream teammate! He is fast, responsive, and helpful. A true team player and problem solver. When roadblocks arise, he proactively thinks through solutions before anyone even notices the original issue. I can’t recommend him enough!"

    -Joe Brown

    Cofounder of Small Dev Agency -

    -Joe Brown
  • "Jared worked on my Bubble app and transitioned my backend to Xano, thus drastically improving app performance. Throughout the project, Jared was patient, attentive, and did not rest until the work was completed and all issues were resolved. He's a clear and effective communicator and kept me well informed throughout. I would definitely recommend Jared and will certainly work with him again!"

    Tamar Schirman, PhD

    CEO of KIMI Med -

    Tamar Schirman, PhD
  • "Jared is great to work with! He was able to quickly build something for me and help me solve an issue with my app."

    -Melissa Montgomery

    -Melissa Montgomery
  • "Jared solves for the limitations of no-code and low-code software development platforms. Our company ran into problems working with large data sets, and Jared solved major speed issues by leveraging external solutions and developing custom plugins for our application. We value his expertise, creativity, and problem solving ability."

    Eric L

    Eric L
  • "I appreciated your lean approach to solve my problem. You understand the issue fast and find a fair solution that fits."

    -Dominic Spalinger

    -Dominic Spalinger

He did a really great job of not only geting the work done but explaining what he was doing, why he was doing it, and why it was important for the application I was working on.

Andrew Gassen

Founder @