1-on-1 & Small Group Coaching

In a 1-on-1 or small group coaching or training session, Codeless Consultant works directly with the client or group of clients to teach them new skills, knowledge, or strategies. These sessions are typically interactive and involve the coach facilitating learning and providing support and guidance to the client or group.

On the other hand, we also offer a build-for-you service in which all work is done for the client meaning that we take on all of the tasks and responsibilities on behalf of you, the client. In this type of arrangement, the client is not actively involved in the work being done and simply receives the completed work from the service provider.

One key difference between these two approaches is the level of interaction and involvement of the client. In coaching or training sessions, the client is actively participating and learning new skills, while in a service approach, the client is not directly involved in the work being done. Another difference is the focus of the work. In coaching or training, the focus is on helping the client develop new skills or knowledge, while in a service approach, the focus is on completing specific tasks or projects for the client.

Case Studies

Eric C

Eric C and I collaborated on the development of a door-to-door canvasing app using Bubble. Despite being new to the platform, Eric demonstrated technical proficiency and presented a comprehensive app plan and design. We focused on building the database structure, implementing responsive design, and enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, we tackled several complex workflows and integrated various plugins and API calls to facilitate smooth operation.

Eric and I worked together for a period of two months, meeting for two hours a week to achieve his development goals. Through our collaboration, we were able to successfully build the door-to-door canvasing app using Bubble and address any complex workflows and integrations that arose. By the end of the project, we had successfully completed all necessary tasks and Eric was able to move forward with his app. 

Paolo L

Paolo, the owner of a nocode development agency based in Italy, approached our team for support with integration limitations utilizing Bubble and Xano. Our team worked closely with Paolo to improve the data binding capabilities between the platforms. As a Codeless consultant, I was also able to address various questions and concerns that arose during the process.

Over the course of five hours, Paolo's team was able to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to continue their work without further support. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive and effective solutions to ensure the success of our clients.